UNESCO Green Citizens and Pathfinders for Change exhibition opens at UN Headquarters, New York

Eight remarkable projects featuring men and women making a real contribution to education for sustainable development are featured in the UNESCO Green Citizens: Pathfinders for Change exhibition at UN Headquarters, New York from 19 February to 17 April, 2016.

The exhibition, which will be inaugurated on 22 February, reveals the talent and determination of people rising to the challenge of making the right choices for a sustainable world.

In partnership with the Klorane Institute and SIPA PRESS, UNESCO launched the UNESCO Green Citizens initiative, prior to COP 21 (December 2015), to shift the spotlight on men and women around the world - Pathfinders for change - who have launched remarkable projects in education or awareness for sustainable development to build a better future.  

Everyone can become a citizen of the planet

The exhibition, through portraits and documentaries, pays tribute to people who give life to educational projects for sustainable development worldwide and help us move towards more fair and inclusive green societies. In highlighting 25 amazing change agents for sustainable development who share their stories it shows that everyone can become a citizen of the planet.

The eight projects selected, which embody the notion of transmitting good practices, are:

The exhibition debuted at UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, in October 2015 and was subsequently seen on board the COP21 Climate Train and at the UNESCO stand during the COP 21 conference in December 2015.

Are you a pathfinder for change?

Do you see people in your community making a change toward a more sustainable future? Or do you want to take part yourself and encourage others to learn about sustainable development? Then participate in the UNESCO Green Citizens web platform on which you can share your projects and discover other initiatives being implemented throughout the world.