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UNESCO, Government of Afghanistan and Herat’s Community Representatives agree to work together to help safeguard Herat’s extraordinarily rich Cultural Heritage.



29 July, 2014. In late-July, UNESCO, the Afghan Government – at the level of the Ministry of Information and Culture, and the level of Herat’s Governor – and representatives from Herat’s Cultural and Civil Society, had a series of discussions relating to the work UNESCO is undertaking in Herat as part of its Italian Funds in Trust project to safeguard the cultural and archeological heritage of Herat’s Mosalla Complex and Gawhar Shad Mausoleum. UNESCO received a permission to begin the work from within Herat’s Cultural and Civil Society, His Excellency Dr. Sayeed Makhdoon Raheen, Minister of Information and Culture, and His Excellency Fazlullah Wahidi, the Governor of Herat; this reflects a positive commitment to the preservation of cultural heritage of one of the most important Timurid cities in the world.