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UNESCO Global Questionnaire on Internet study: 200 responses received

Following UNESCO’s launch of a global questionnaire during July-December 2014 to collect inputs and research from a range of stakeholders on internet study, more than 200 responses and submissions were received which provide diverse and substantial inputs in the areas of access to information and knowledge, freedom of expression, privacy, and ethical dimensions of the information society as well as options for future action.

The questionnaire consultation consists of two components: a global consultation through UNESCO website with 98 responses submitted and a regional pilot one in the Latin America through a portal website of Observacom with 102 questionnaires completed.

The 98 responses and submissions to the global consultation  are submitted by all stakeholders including Governments (14), International Organization (5), Civil Society and NGOs including individual users (44), Private Sector (3), Academia (28), Technical Community (2) and Others (2).

In the regional consultation in Latin America, the actors who participated in the consultation were from the following countries: Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, USA, El Salvador, Spain, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Peru, Dominican Republic, Uruguay and Venezuela. According to the record participation stemmed from the following sectors: Civil Society and NGOs, including individual users (32.65%), Academia (36.73%), Private Sector (3.06%), Technical Community (1.02%), International Organizations (3.06%), Government (4.08%), Individual users (19.39 %).

These responses, will feed into a comprehensive Internet-related study in access, freedom of expression, privacy, and ethical dimensions of the information society as well as options for future action, as mandated by UNESCO’s 195 Member States through Resolution 52 of the Organization’s 37th General Conference (November 2013). It will also help with the discussion of the first draft in the forthcoming Multistakeholder Internet Conference: CONNECTing the Dots: Options for Future Actions at UNESCO headquarters on 3-4 March 2015. More information on the Internet Conference is available here

UNESCO thanks all those submitters, whose responses have been well considered and provide solid basis for the implementation of the Internet study. These responses and submissions are therefore published at the below link, for the reference of general public.

Please note that all submitters have been explicitly informed that their responses would be published on UNESCO’s website prior to their submission. The ideas and opinions expressed in their responses and references are those of the submitters; they are not necessarily those of UNESCO and do not commit the Organization.

To access the submission page please click here.