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UNESCO education and culture experts to assist in Nepal post-disaster assessment

27 May 2015

UNESCO experts in education and culture will assist as the Nepal government carries out its Post-Disaster Needs Assessment (PDNA).

The recent earthquakes in Nepal severely damaged over half of the schools in disaster-hit districts, leaving some 3.5 million children without a place to learn. The country’s cultural and historical treasures were similarly devastated.

The government’s PDNA will provide a comprehensive assessment of the impact of the disaster and outline the short, medium and long-term needs and priorities for Nepal as it goes through the post-disaster recovery process. 

PDNA team members from UNESCO participated in a workshop organized in Kathmandu on 20-21 May aimed at steering charting the course for the preparation of the assessment. 

The workshop, organized by the National Planning Commission of Nepal, was attended by the heads of development partners, designated sector coordinators, relevant government staff and other PDNA experts.