UNESCO Director-General, Audrey Azoulay, receives the commitments of young Caribbeans against climate change

Havana, Cuba

Young Caribbeans presented the Director-General of UNESCO with their Manifesto of Commitments against climate change during the closing of the II UNESCO International Science School and III MOST School in Cuba, held in Havana, from 3 to 5 December, which resulted in the constitution of the Network of Young Caribbeans against Climate Change.

The Network is composed initially of 25 youths from 19 countries from the insular Caribbean and the Greater Caribbean, who together with close to a hundred experts and representatives of organizations and institutions related to this theme, contributed with their ideas and proposals to actively support in their societies the decision-making process against climate change.

During the closing of the event, youths shared their recommendations for continuing the work of the recently constituted Network in the immediate future, explained their Roadmap for the coming year and presented a Communication Platform to facilitate Network interactions and the dissemination of its actions and calls.

The Director of the UNESCO Regional Office for Culture in Latin America and the Caribbean, Katherine Muller-Marin, and the Minister of Science, Technology and the Environment of Cuba, Elba Rosa Pérez Montoya, were in charge of the closing ceremony, also attended by the Resident Coordinator of the United Nations System in Cuba, Consuelo Vidal.