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UNESCO convenes international expert group to review its Guiding Framework on Global Citizenship Education

An Experts Advisory Group (EAG) composed of 25 experts from around the world reviewed the first draft of UNESCO’s forthcoming Guiding Framework on GCE with age-specific topics and learning objectives to ensure its quality and relevance in all cultural contexts.

This Guiding Framework, designed to guide curriculum development at country level, is intended primarily for policy makers and curriculum developers. It responds to the growing need among Member States for clear guidance on translating the concept of global citizenship into concrete learning objectives. Focusing on building knowledge, skills, values and attitudes, the Guiding Framework will include key concepts and competencies on GCE in a way that can be readily adapted and applicable in all interested Member States. 

The first meeting of the Experts Advisory Group (EAG) was held from 25 to 26 June 2014 at UNESCO Headquarters. The EAG will continue to review consecutive drafts and provide comments until the Guiding Framework is finalized in the first part of 2015.