UNESCO at the Comparative and International Education Society 2019 Conference, 14 to 17 April 2019, San-Francisco


“During its “Development Decade” of the 1960s, the United Nations advocated for education as a driver of economic growth. However, over the past fifty years, questions have been asked with increasing urgency about the kinds of development promulgated through literacy, skills training, and formal schooling. What is the longer-term cost of an education that promises productivity, industrialization, modernity, and consumption? Such questions lead to the theme of Comparative and International Education Society: Education for Sustainability,” stated President-Elect David Post on the Comparative and International Education Society 2019 Conference website.

UNESCO will contribute to this unique annual event with hundreds of activities, highlights include:

  • "The work of UNESCO in the Era of Sustainable Development Goals" which will precede the Keynote Lecture by Jeffrey D Sachs
  • "Sustaining the Development-Relevance of Education and Learning: The Work of UNESCO International Bureau of Education" 
  • "To Measure the Treasure: Contributions from the UNESCO Institute of Statistics and the Global Education Monitoring Report"

Learn more about GEM Report, IBE, IIEP, UIL, UIS at CIES2019 or search the CIES2019 database by particpant to discover the hundreds of UNESCO contributions.