UNESCO in Collaboration with the Embassy of Sweden Participates in Lahore Literary Festival

04 - Quality Education

UNESCO in collaboration with the Embassy of Sweden Participates in Lahore Literary Festival at Lahore from February 21-23, 2020

The eighth edition of the Lahore Literary Festival (LLF), gathered educators, students, eminent writers, historians, artists and opinion-makers from Pakistan and abroad at Alhamra Arts Council in Lahore.

The festival provided a platform for different international and national organizations, academic/cultural institutions, not- for- profit organizations, students, educators and individuals to present and highlight their work in the field of education and culture. The grand opening ceremony underscored UNESCO's work for safeguarding and the promotion of cultural heritage and improving girls' access to education in Pakistan. Speakers, panelists, dignitaries and the general audience in each session stressed the role of education, literature and media, both electronic and print for the promotion of peace, acceptance of diversity and tolerance in the country.

UNESCO in collaboration with the Embassy of Sweden participated in the festival. A panel discussion on "How to Make Students Read More: Listen to Practitioners" attracted an audience of all kinds including scholars, academicians, teachers, parents, development practitioners, and of course, the young students. Two teachers who participate in UNESCO project schools (one from Gilgit Baltistan, and one from Muzaffargarh) shared UNESCO's contribution to improve the culture of reading in schools. The teachers emphasized developing small reading corners in schools, reading aloud with students, sharing local stories, and engaging students in story writing.

A joint booth at the festival provided a venue for UNESCO and the Swedish Embassy to highlight their work in the field of education, especially for girls' education and children's literature in Pakistan. Different activities including book reading sessions for children, a puppet show and games attracted parents' and young children's attention. Parents appreciated the children's focused activities and considered them important to attract young children's towards literature. The advocacy and promotional materials displayed at booth provided an opportunity for audiences to know more about UNESCO's work in its designated field of action in Pakistan.

The event highlighted the collaboration of UNESCO, the Embassy of Sweden, and Volvo for introducing the Pipi Longstocking books, portraying strong and adventure girls to the young students in Pakistan.