UNESCO celebrated the UN Day 2016 in the Khartoum / Omdurman / Bahri metropolis

31 October 2016

On 27th of October the Khartoum office of UNESCO together with other UN agencies and numerous Sudanese celebrated the UN Day. The celebration was organized by the Communication Team of UNCT, and took place in the National Museum of Archaeology. The agenda of the celebration was rich of different cultural events, such as Sudanese folk dances, shows of music bands, etc. UN Agencies presented explanations about their missions in Sudan, as well as information about the Sustainable Development Goals, unpacking of which for the Sudanese was the main theme of the celebration. Additionally to this UNESCO highlighted the message about the 60th anniversary of Sudan being with UNESCO, which will start on the 26th of November 2016.

 The celebration continues from 6 till 11 pm.  More than 4 thousand Sudanese, mainly youth, visited the event.