UNESCO Category II Centre for Water Harvesting: the Board Meeting in Khartoum, Sudan


On the 25 September 2018, the UNESCO Category II Regional Centre for Capacity Development and Research in Water Harvesting (RCWH) organized Board Meeting for the Center in Coral Hotel in Khartoum, Sudan. The RCWH is managed by UNESCO and the Ministry of Water Resources, Irrigation and Electricity (MoWR), and helps the Sudanese water sector to increase its capacities in area of water harvesting. Majority of its activities the RCWH executes for MoWR’s funding; UNESCO’s funds constitute a minor part of the RCWH’s budget.


The meeting was chaired by H.E. Mr. Ibrahim Hamad, the State Minister in the MoWR. H.E. Dr. Pavel Kroupkine, the UNESCO Representative to Sudan, represented for this meeting the UNESCO’s General Director. Other distinguished participants were Dr. Abdelgadir Noureddin, the Secretary General for the Sudanese National Commission for Education, Sciences and Culture (NATCOM), Prof. Abdin Salih, the member of UNESCO Executive Board and RCWH’s Advisor, Mr. Hatim Ali Al Badri, the Director of the RCWH, Dr. Abdelaziz Zaki from the UNESCO Cairo office, Mr. Abdelgadir Salih from the UNESCO Khartoum office,  Ms. Wafaa Seed Ahmed from NATCOM, Amb. Dr. Mary Khimulu from Kenia, Mr. Nikola Zlatanovic from Serbia, and Dr. Shakeel Ahmed from India.


The meeting started with the RCWH Director’s report. The Board found the RCWH’s performance satisfactory, and agreed to recommend the Government of Sudan to request UNESCO for the renewal the status of RCWH as the UNESCO Category 2 Centre.