UNESCO Bioethics Network Redbioética makes statement on universal right to health in COVID 19 context

03 - Good Health & Well Being

The "Redbioética UNESCO" is a network engaged on the growth of a bioethic that supports human rights in the Latin America and the Caribbean region.

In view of the situation generated in the region of Latin America and the Caribbean by the pandemic of COVID 19, the Redbioética UNESCO has made public a Declaration regarding some fundamental aspects that, from the bioethics point of view should receive particular attention.

This refers to the universal right to health and health care for all, to ensure that actions are governed by ethical principles, guiding the practices and regulations that are carried out.

It also calls for the convening of National Bioethics Committees that can provide guidance to States.

The Redbioética also expresses its concern about the criteria used to select patients for health services with scarce resources and calls for solidarity and the strengthening of ties as a society that allows us to join the need and pain of the most vulnerable.