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UNESCO and UNAMA Collaborate on radio advocacy

November 20, 2014 marked the start of a great partnership between UNAMA and UNESCO for radio advocacy. UNESCO and UNAMA will have regular monthly radio spots on the Ariana programme 93.5 FM which plays UNAMA spots every Tuesday and Thursday, 11:30-12 pm.

This programme reaches listeners nation-wide including through an online channel. Radio is a great communication tool for UNESCO programmes, especially for literacy programmes which are provided in many rural and hard to reach places, where radio is the primary form of advocacy tool available.

On November 20, Ms. Nadia Behboodi, national literacy coordinator for UNESCO literacy programme, spoke about the importance of literacy in Afghanistan and the work UNESCO is doing with the Ministry of Education in conducting literacy programmes. She also spoke about the key challenges of literacy in Afghanistan and ways to overcome them. Ms. Zuhal Amiri, the spokesperson of the Deputy Ministry for Literacy (DMoEL), also joined the panel and spoke about DMoEL’s key role in providing literacy nationally and their key  successes. The radio programme also played UNESCO sound recordings from field from different learners and facilitators talking about the benefits and the impact of our programme and why they joined.

Many thanks to UNAMA for starting this partnership and for the support provided. Also, many thanks to DMoEL for their continuous great support and lead in the area of literacy.

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