UNESCO and Shanghai Municipal Government strengthen cooperation with a Framework Agreement

04 December 2017

With an overall contribution of US$ 2 million, the Shanghai Municipal Government of the People’s Republic of China will support UNESCO’s activities in favour of teacher education development in Asia and Africa.

The contribution will be assigned to initiatives in support of Asia and African countries to accelerate their progress to reach the SDG Education 2030 goals, particularly with regard to teacher training and development. This new partnership is welcomed in conjunction with the establishment of the Teacher Education Centre at Shanghai Normal University as a Category II Centre under the auspices of UNESCO approved by the 39th session of the General Conference.

UNESCO already receives extensive financial support in the field of education from China’s Municipal Governments, like for example the framework agreement on higher education innovation with the Government of Shenzhen for a value of US$ 2 million or the partnership agreement with the Hainan’s Provincial People’s Government for US$ 1 million in support to ASPnet programme.