UNESCO and Senegal Join Forces to Organize the 9th World Water Forum

, Senegal
06 - Clean Water and Sanitation

The 9th World Water Forum or Dakar Forum aims to be a "Forum of answers and results".

On Tuesday February 11th 2020, Mr. Claude Akpabie, Chief of the Education Sector, representing the Regional Director of the UNESCO Office in Dakar, received Mr. Abdoulaye Sene, Executive Secretary of the Executive Secretariat of the 9th World Water Forum (SC9WFME) along with members of his secretariat who accompanied him for distribution of a large consignment of computer equipment and communication support.

As an important reminder, the 9th edition of the World Water Forum will take place in Dakar in 2021, with the principle theme being "water security for peace and development".  Our collective awareness and action are needed for the increasingly complex pressures on water. Consequently, the aim of the Dakar Forum will be to bolster cooperation of the various stakeholders.

In an effort to contribute collaborate with the Government of Senegal, the UNESCO Dakar Office has deemed it necessary and opportune to reinforce the communication logistics of the Secretariat, through the Natural and Exact Sciences Sector, for the organization of the 9th World Water Forum. This is to be accomplished through the donation of several computer tools and communication materials. Recognizing the complexity of water-related issues, UNESCO, by virtue of its mandate, pays great attention to the issues of ethics in water management, data collection and analysis for better decision-making in the field of water, access to water, sanitation development and hydropower, particularly in the Sahel region.

By participating in the operationalization of the Executive Secretariat, UNESCO has renewed its commitment to contribute to the successful organization of the 9th World Water Forum. After receiving UNESCO's donation, Mr Abdoulaye Sène welcomed the collaboration with the Dakar Office: “You [UNESCO] illustrate through this donation that you are committed to science and knowledge; and we thank you for it”.