UNESCO and Ministry of Education Conduct Literacy Trainings in Four Provinces



The UNESCO Enhancement of Literacy in Afghanistan (ELA) team and the Deputy Ministry of Education for Literacy (DMoEL) monitored teacher training workshops in Bamiyan, Balkh, Herat and Kapisa from 1st to 9th October, 2015.

ELA is the national literacy programme implemented by Government of Afghanistan with the technical cooperation of UNESCO and funding from the Governments of Japan, Sweden and Finland.

During the same period, training sessions were conducted by provincial and district coordinators in 27 provinces where ELA literacy courses would be rolled out in 2015. ELA nowadays covers 30 provinces of Afghanistan.  

The purpose of the trainings was to provide required knowledge and skills for the implementation of ELA literacy courses for male and female educators. The trainings are designed for the educators to acquire a set of skills and competencies that would help them design courses and learning activities, develop session plans and materials, deliver facilitate learning, assess teaching and learning, and  evaluate course effectiveness.  

In each province, the training was administered by literacy department managers with ELA provincial and district coordinators. 

These provincial and district coordinators were previously trained in Kabul city in September, 2015. This allowed them to train and assess the workshops’ quality, goals and objectives.

The entire process of conducting the workshops was closely observed and monitored by UNESCO and Ministry of Education staff in the concerned provinces.