UNESCO and Criança Esperança: 2020 edition will support 111 institutions

17 - Partnerships for the Goals

The online show takes place on September 28, with attractions produced remotely

The Criança Esperança Program, one of the largest social mobilization campaigns in the world, has already helped transform the lives of more than 4 million children and adolescents. The Criança Esperança project which is a partnership between TV Globo and UNESCO was recognized by the UN as a model for investment in social and mobilization projects in favor of the rights of children and adolescents.

The program was created 35 years ago and since 2004 it has been developed in partnership with UNESCO. More than R$ 400 million in donations have already been invested in Brazil in more than six thousand social projects. In 2020, 111 projects were selected through public notice to receive support from the program. Check the list here.

“The capillarity of Criança Esperança is a great differential. Support reaches, in fact, those who need it most, the most vulnerable populations, especially children, adolescents, and young people, from different regions of the country - both in the capitals and in the cities of the interior. In this year, when the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has further accentuated socioeconomic inequalities, we are seeing that the mobilization of society and solidarity initiatives have been fundamental so that no one is left behind. This is the main concern of Criança Esperança: through its partnership with civil society organizations, the Program contributes to creating opportunities, empowering people, and transforming thousands of lives, especially those most affected by social inequality. ”, Highlights the Director and Representative of UNESCO in Brazil, Marlova Jovchelovitch Noleto.

Due to the effects produced by the pandemic, the dynamics of the collection of donations will be different this year. The funds for investment in social projects will come from corporate donations, from solidary companies, committed to the purpose of the campaign. The general public may continue to contribute with donations via the website, but this year, the Brazilian population will be invited to make a “donation of hope”: a collaborative platform was created so that everyone can send videos telling about their wishes and hopes for the future. The best videos will be shown in programs on the broadcaster's network. To learn more, just access the website

The online show will be broadcast on September 28 and will be attended by big names in entertainment and journalism in Brazil, such as Fátima Bernardes, Tiago Leifert, Luciano Huck, Maju Coutinho, Pedro Bial, Serginho Groisman, and Ana Maria Braga. As in previous years, the public will be able to chat virtually with the artists through the Mesão da Esperança, which will take place on September 26th and 27th throughout the program and on the 28th during the show.