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UNESCO and China Next Generation Education Foundation team up to strengthen intercultural dialogue

On 30 October 2013, Ms. Guo Li-Jun, Vice President of the Board of Directors of the China Next Generation Education Foundation, President, Society of the Origins of Cultures, signed a Framework Partnership Agreement for a period of two years and a half with Mr. Hans d’Orville, Assistant Director General, Bureau of Strategic Planning representing UNESCO.

Mr. Francesco Bandarin, Assistant Director General for Culture, attended this ceremony too. According to this agreement, the China Next Generation Education Foundation will provide a contribution amounting to  320,000 USD for the following projects: “The cross-reading of Human History based on UNESCO’s General Regional Histories” and “The UNESCO Silk Road Online Platform”.

The Cross-reading of Human History is a vast project launched following the publication by UNESCO of the General and Regional Histories including the History of Humanity, the General History of Africa, the General History of the Caribbean, the Different Aspect of Islamic Culture, the General History of Latin America and History of Civilizations of Central Asia. This project aims to use these Histories to highlight landmarks of dialogue through peaceful exchanges and mutual influences in all fields of human activity throughout history. This activity has a double objective: to reveal the processes and modalities of Intercultural Dialogue and contribute to the reinforcement of intercultural competencies.          

The Silk Road Online Platform has been launched a few months ago on the basis of UNESCO’s project entitled “The Integral Study of Silk Roads, Roads of Dialogue (1988-1999)”. This platform gathers and puts at the disposal of the public at large and experts knowledge developed by UNESCO and its partners in the framework of the Silk Roads. The project provides also a platform of exchange and information among different scientific, cultural and artistic institutions that work on or are interested in the Silk Roads.