UNESCO and Brainwiz conduct webinar on steps to adapt e-learning

04 - Quality Education

Amidst the ongoing global lockdown due to COVID-19 and with over 1.5 billion learners forced to stay out of schools, UNESCO New Delhi Office partnered with Brainwiz to organize the first-ever online group discussion on ‘Futures of Education’.

With a participation of over 30 individuals working at educational institutions, startups, NGOs, not-for-profit organizations, think-tanks, and the United Nations, the dynamic group discussed that while this lockdown is forcing learners to adapt to new ways of learning, it also offers a great opportunity to reimagine learning for 2050.

Mame Omar Diop, Chief of Education at UNESCO New Delhi joined the discussion as the special guest speaker and shared his thoughts on COVID-19 lockdown and how UNESCO is planning to deal with the situation at hand. With UNESCO focusing on providing solutions to all, Mr Diop talked about the ‘High-Tech, Low-Tech, and No-Tech’ approaches to the current problem.

The meeting was moderated by Mr Tarush Jain, Founder of Brainwiz, who has been working closely with UNESCO New Delhi Office to mobilize stakeholders associated with the education sector and initiate discussions around ‘Futures of Education’. Brainwiz is also working as the implementation and support partner with UNESCO’s category-I institute, UNESCO-MGIEP in India.

In view of receiving an enthusiastic response and conducting a fruitful discussion, UNESCO plans to host multiple such online discussions in the future.



Omar Mame Diop
Chief of Education Sector