UNEP and the University of Nairobi Mark the Paris Agreement by Championing for Action Oriented Sustainable Solutions


© University of Nairobi
24 November 2016

UNEP and the University of Nairobi recently hosted an educational awareness forum to commemorate the entry into force of the Paris Climate Change Agreement and COP 22. The forum, held at on November 14, 2016 after 177 state parties ratified it, challenged students, researchers and communities to join hands and actively embrace climate change adaptation and mitigation measures, along the tenets of sustainable development.

The student-led celebration also revitalized the role of universities as living labs, centres of excellence in research and innovation to address sustainability challenges; advocated for low carbon campus development; and called for the accelerated transition to clean energy sources, all in line Kenya’s national goals in addressing climate change.

Kenya, a ratified signatory to the agreement, is faced with climate change outcomes such as increased disease and vector incidents including highland malaria and tick-borne diseases; reduce food production due to erratic and pronounced droughts; increased human and wildlife conflicts for resources – grazing and water; habitat degradation and deforestation; and human migration among others. The forum compliments the Kenya Green University Network, theKenya Climate Change Bill 2016, UNEA 2/3 resolution - Investing in human capacity for sustainable development through environmental education and training, theUNFCCC Article 6 (Climate Education and Training) and theAfrican Environmental Educational and Training Action Plan 2015 - 2024. Kenya Green University Network is a functional network of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Kenya with an aim of incorporating environment, low carbon - climate resilience development strategies and sustainability aspects in their education, training, campus operations and enhanced student engagement.