Two Workshops on Emergency Community Based Inventorying and the Preparation of Nomination Files of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Iraq held in late December



The UNESCO Office for Iraq organized two training workshops focusing on community-based inventorying and the preparation of nomination files of the intangible cultural heritage of Iraq. The workshops took place in Amman, Jordan from 19 to 24 December and from 26 to 28 December 2015, respectively. They focused on introducing the concepts, objectives and methods of inventorying and ways to include practical field work within some of the Iraqi communities. Attendees comprised of Iraqi officials and community representatives. The workshops were co-facilitated by two of UNESCO's expert facilitators, Ms. Annie Tabet and Mr. Hani Hayajneh.

Fifteen participants gathered to explore the methodologies proposed by the UNESCO 2003 Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage in terms of drawing up inventories of the intangible cultural heritage present in Iraq  and preparing the nomination files. The workshops allowed for in-depth training of participants who, upon returning to Iraq, would train fieldworkers to conduct the inventorying.

The workshop on community based inventorying exceptionally spanned six days, after which the regional fieldworkers went back to Iraq to initiate fieldwork practicum in inventorying, with one of the case studies being the Iraqi Marshlands. Management staff and some community members remained in Amman to participate in the workshop on the preparation of the nomination files..  

Afterwards, a meeting between the expert facilitators and fieldworkers will be organized via Skype to evaluate the results of the practical training and to respond to any challenges faced during the practicum.