TVET Strategy Workshop in Khartoum


On 3 July 2018, the UNESCO Khartoum organized the workshop in Khartoum, on UNESCO’s premises, continuing developing the Sudan TVET Strategy. About 35 TVET professionals participated in the workshop. The activity was organized in frameworks of the project for Strengthening TVET System in Sudan, funded by the UNESCO’s Capacity in Education (Cap-ED) programme.


The participatory and interactive workshop provided a platform for further discussion among the National Team and other key stakeholders the process in which the National TVET Strategy will be developed with a first draft to be jointly produced by the National Team and the International Expert by the end of December 2018. The workshop successfully concluded after achieving the following objectives:

Agreeing on the outline of the strategy document;

Agreeing on the key principles of developing the TVET Strategy;

Agreeing on the methodology to be used in developing the strategy;

Presenting a SWOT analysis of the Sudanese TVET system;

Identifying the initial capacity building needs of the National team to support them develop the TVET strategy.


It was agreed that the national TVET strategy and its 5-year action plan will include the following key priorities:

Aligning the TVET strategy with existing national development strategies as well as other strategies developed by the key stakeholders and in coherence with the SDGs;

Addressing the governance of the TVET system and the much needed coordination function among the key stakeholders;

Outlining practical and innovative ways to address the national objective of increasing the enrolment of TVET students from the current 4% to 50% of all students entering secondary education;

Improving the quality and relevance of TVET provision through quality assurance, curricula development based on market needs and training of teachers;

Strengthening the involvement of the private sector in all aspects of TVET reform;

Promote TVET by creating awareness and improving its image within society;

Strengthening TVET System via Introducing a life log career guidance and counseling system.