Training of Trainers through STEPCam support

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

All 84 (45 F) Teacher Trainers of Khmer from 14 PTTCs and 2 TECs of Cambodia are undergoing a four day training from 12 to 15 August in Cheung Prey district of Kampong Cham Province to acquire knowledge and training skills on Early Grade Learning (EGL) methodologies, which includes engaging children-centered teaching and learning methodologies. Following this training, Teacher Trainers will introduce the Early Grade Learning methodologies to the teachers in PTTCs as part of ongoing INSET and PRESET. INSET for Early Grade Learning is an important reform agenda of MoEYS to improve the quality of learning, which is implemented through STEPCam support. The training of all the Teacher Trainers on EGL methodologies is expected to support integration of EGL methodologies and approaches into the PRESET curriculum of the PTTCs, thereby ensuring sustainability of results from STEPCam for the generations early grade learners in the future.