Training Program for Rural Radio Listening Groups’ Coordinators in Red Sea State


On 15 July 2018, the UNESCO Khartoum office started the training program for rural radio listening groups’ coordinators in Port Sudan. The program targets to cover 40 radio activists from rural communities in Red Sea state in two 2-day training sessions.


The listening groups in rural communities are means for receiving feedback by the Community Radio Services (CRS) of the state’s radios, who broadcasts for rural population in several local languages. In particular, the CRS of the Red Sea’s Radio broadcasts in four local languages delivering messages to rural people, which, in addition to news and actualities, include also an awareness raising content for improving life of rural people.


The training program aims to increase capacities of rural radio activists / listening group coordinators in managing groups and discussions in it, and in producing fragments of radio transmissions about life and ways of thinking in rural communities.


©UNESCO: Training Program for Rural Radio Listening Groups’ Coordinators in Port Sudan, Sudan, 16/07/2018: Distribution of certificates, radio-sets and visual materials.


In the end of every training sessions listening group coordinators receive a radio set and a set of visual materials explaining some selected issues.


The training program is organized in frameworks of the project for developing rural radio broadcasting in eastern Sudan, supported by the Sudanese Ministry of Information, and funded by Italy.