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Training for Facilitator on Contingency Plan and Gender Mainstreaming in Disaster Risk Reduction held at Jakarta Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD Jakarta), 17 - 18 June 2014



Raising awareness for gender mainstreaming on disaster management plan, get better understanding on facilitating contingency plan as well as strengthening the concept of integrated flood management as a part of integrated water resource management (IWRM) were the main focus of training for facilitator on contingency plan activities at BPBD Office Jakarta on 17-18 June 2014.

In line with World map UNESCO POI project in Indonesia entitled "Establishing a Community-based POI's in the High Risk Communities to Flooding in Jakarta - Indonesia", UNESCO Office Jakarta has agreed to support BPBD Jakarta for facilitate contingency plan activities on 10 flood prone villages in Jakarta Province. There were two kind activities on contingency plan,(a) training for facilitator at BPBD Office on 17-18 June 2014 and (b) developing contingency plan guidelines at selected village offices in Jakarta Province during June 2014 until Sept 2014.

Training for facilitator on contingency plan was officially opened by Chief of BPBD Mr. Bambang Musyawardana who highlighted that this event was a joint effort disaster mitigation between BPBD Jakarta and UNESCO Office Jakarta in order to raise awareness among Jakarta community especially in flood prone villages in Jakarta province. Furthermore, on behalf of Prof Shahbaz Khan, Mr. Ardito Kodijat gave an opening remarks regarding this joint cooperation. Mr Ardito said that UNESCO Office Jakarta would support BPBD Jakarta to minimize the risk of flooding and facilitate the capacity building on disaster management to the community. Mr. Ardito informed that UNESCO will conduct International Training Workshop on Capacity Building of Community Elders and Media towards Flood Vigilance and Disaster Reporting in Islamabad and Mr Edy Junaedy will be one of the key source person to share the experience and challenges of the implementation of contingency plan in Jakarta

In this regard, Mr. Ardito Kodijat as Programme Officer at DRR Unit at UNESCO Office Jakarta gave a presentation entitled Gender Mainstreaming in Disaster Risk Reduction. Mr Ardito
outlined that gender is not about women only or the processes which begins and with women. Gender mainstreaming is the process for women and men have equal rights on access and control over resources as well as gets benefits on its and have the right for decision making process. He also explained about gender definition, vulnerable groups during disaster, the importance of gender mainstreaming in DRR and its strategies, and government participation in gender mainstreaming.

During the second day, 18 June 2014 Mr. Alain Michel Tchadie, consultant at Hydrology Unit UNESCO Office Jakarta made a presentation on the topic “Integrated Water Resource Management for Flood Management”. He outlined the importance of adopting an integrated approach as a solution to minimize flood risks in Jakarta and its surrounding areas. He highlighted that, for this, the role of well functioning institutions, the participation of stakeholders and the engagement of affected communities, are the key elements that need to be brought together and could help to balance flood risk management and development needs.

In the last session of training, simulation of contingency plan was conducted under Mr. Anton Agus as facilitator. Taking the flooding disaster scenario, 34 participants including all staff of BPBD, Pusdalops, Defense of University (Universitas Pertahanan), NGOs, and also representative participants from Ikatan Abang None North Jakarta were take a part in this simulation. The simulation went very well and provided more practical knowledge to all participants on how to quickly response during flooding disaster in Jakarta Province.

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