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Training on digital security for Tunisian journalists

UNESCO and the Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR) organized, on 24 March 2014, two four-day training workshops on digital security for 17 journalists from regions and 12 journalists from Tunis. In total, 29 participants, including 16 women, benefited from these trainings.

The workshops aimed at sensitizing journalists about challenges they face regarding the security of their communications and their sources. Participants have been equipped with tools and techniques enabling them to secure their Internet browsing, to protect themselves against intrusions into their computer and email as well as to enhance the security of their digital data.

“Computers of some participants have been infected by more than 130 viruses. I had never seen such serious cases during my career,” said Bahaa Nasr, trainer from IWPR. One of the participant stated, “I realize now to which extent my computer and my data have been vulnerable, and the risk to which I subject all my newsroom colleagues.

This project is being implemented in the framework of the UNESCO’s work conducted in Tunisia since the Revolution of 14 January 2011. It aims at enhancing the safety of journalists working in Tunisia, particularly female journalists, and at promoting freedom of expression in order to support the undergoing process of transition towards democracy.

The training workshops were made possible through financial support of Finland, and in cooperation with the Reporters without Borders Office in Tunis and the Tunisian Centre for Press Freedom.