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Towards 2020: New Horizons for RTD and Innovation in the Western Balkan Region. WBC-INCO.NET Final Conference and Brokerage event

The WBC-INCO.NET project Final Conference/Brokerage Event will take place on 27-28 March 2014 in Vienna, Austria. This event will bring together about 200 science policymakers, scientists and industry representatives from the Western Balkan (WB) region, South East Europe (SEE), Danube region but also other EU countries who are interested in cooperating with WB countries.

The Science unit of the UNESCO Regional Bureau for Science and Culture in Europe, Venice (Italy), which is an associate member of the Steering Platform on Research for Western Balkan Countries, will participate in this event. The core focus of the conference will be primarily on Horizon 2020 and thus the collaboration in science between Western Balkan Countries (WBC) and EU Member States under the new Programme. Information on other on-going/up-coming activities in WBC will be exchanged  in particular with a focus on innovation issues .

The event will entail parallel sessions where results and lessons learned in previous collaboration will be presented so as to also merge the knowledge gained within several other projects and strategic approaches focusing on the region. 

On the first day, prior to the Brokerage event, the parallel sessions will deal with ‘How to effectively support the participation in Horizon 2020’, while the results from selected thematic priorities (Energy, ICT and SSH) as well as the way forward will be discussed. On the second day, the parallel sessions will focus on the performance of the research and innovation sector in WBC and discuss the achievements, challenges and the way forward in the following areas: Human resources and brain drain, RTDI Infrastructures and Knowledge and Technology Transfer.

A back-to-back brokerage event will be held in light of the Horizon 2020 intending to support the networking and cooperation in Horizon 2020 by focusing the calls in selected areas: Secure, Clean and Efficient Energy; Information and Communication Technologies; and, Inclusive, Innovative and Reflective Societies.

The overall goal of the conference, project exhibition, and the brokerage event is to provide an environment also to build new partnerships for cooperation in Horizon 2020.

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The Western Balkan Countries INCO-NET platform enhances integration of the Western Balkan countries in the European Research Area. The project WBC-INCO.NET is supported by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (2007-2013).