Technical workshop on the appropriation and planning of activities of the joint program UNESCO-UNFPA-UN Women:“Empowering adolescent girls and young women through education in Mali.”

26 November 2016

Bamako, 26 november 2016- The project "Empowering adolescent girls and young women through education in Mali" which is an integral part of the UNESCO-UNFPA-UN Women's Global Joint Program and funded by the Republic of South Korea at US $ 5,000,000 through its international cooperation agency (KOICA), will support the objectives set by the Government of Mali for improving the quality of education, health and living conditions, of adolescents and young women. In its implementation, it will have four main objectives:

i)       Strengthening the quality of basic education;

ii)     Strengthening sexual and reproductive health education, water hygiene and sanitation;

iii)   Strengthening the awareness of the importance of gender equality and the education of adolescents and young women by decision-makers and communities;

iv)   Strengthening the use of data and knowledge to address the concerns of adolescents and young women for empowerment.

This common project also meets the objectives of the Sustainable Development Goals, namely SDG 4: Quality Education, 5: Gender Equality, 6: Clean Water and Sanitation All 10: Reduced inequalities and 17: Partnerships for achieving objectives.

It is within the framework of the implementation of this project and for the attainment of these objectives that the first technical workshop of the project "Empowering adolescent girls and young women through education in Mali" will take place on 28th, 29th and 30th November 2016 in Bamako (Mali).

The main objective of this technical workshop will be to:

  • Have a common and detailed understanding of the project by all actors and partners;
  • Develop annual project work plan for 2017;
  • Exchange on all technical aspects of project implementation;
  • To define together the constitution and functioning of the technical and pilot committees of the project.

It will bring together some fifty participants, including the various stakeholders and national partners involved in the project (Ministries of National Education, Employment and Vocational Training, Health and Public Hygiene, Civil society and the Private sector, as well as experts from UNESCO (Bamako Office, BREDA/Dakar, UIL/Hamburg, IICBA/Addis Ababa), UNFPA, UN Women and the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA/Seoul and Dakar).

This meeting is organized by the offices of UNESCO, UNFPA, UN Women and the Ministry of National Education of Mali.


Contacts :

Mr. Hervé Huot-Marchand

Head of office/Representative


Email :

Tel: + 223 20 23 34 92/93


Mr. Elmehdi Ag Muphtah

Program Officer


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Tel: + 223 23 34 92/93