Technical Guidelines for Biosphere Reserves, a new tool for the MAB Programme

15 - Life on Land
17 - Partnerships for the Goals

This document aims to enable Member States and other Man and Biosphere (MAB) stakeholders to address the technical and practical questions that arise in the course of their implementation of the MAB Programme Statutory Framework, be it in the development of nominations of new biosphere reserves, on networks, on periodic review or again on the process of excellence. 

Aimed at stakeholders of existing and prospective biosphere reserves, the guidelines are the results of a collaboration between a working group of 70 experts from 33 countries nominated by Member States, divided in four Thematic Subgroups: Zonation of biosphere reserve; Governance of biosphere reserves; Policy, management and business plans; and Data management and monitoring and the MAB Secretariat.

They will follow the evolution of the Programme and the needs of the MAB stakeholders. In that sense, the document will remain flexible and susceptible to modifications as they are needed.