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If you are an individual or representative of an NGO, CBO, association, network, training/academic institution, media organization, regulatory body (such as broadcasting commissions), library, technological intermediary (such as social media, internet service provider, technology company, etc.), or other information provider, public or private entity, research institution, intergovernmental body and you or your organization is involved in media and information literacy related activities (information literacy, media literacy, digital literacy, etc.), whether online or offline, then this survey is relevant to you.

Today, UNESCO, the UNESCO Media and Information Literacy Alliance, and partners have launched this global survey to assess the state of media and information literacy development and solutions that are needed to maintain the momentum of media and information literacy for all.

Click here to take our Global Survey. It is available in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish.

Deadline: 30 December 2020

The world’s attention is now turned to media and information literacy as a needed way to build people’s resilience to the COVID-19 and other similar disinfodemics. This type of attention is not new; it happens every time there are certain major social challenges.

How do we as a global community ensure that media and information literacy (MIL) is addressed in a sustained manner?  What should be done for MIL to be prioritized permanently on the national and international development agenda?  

Our survey seeks to assess trends in the changes in the supply, content and impact assessment of MIL development and diffusion in the past five years. This mapping of MIL development globally seeks to advance the balance between MIL for social opportunities with MIL to tackle social challenges. The outcome report will draw the development communities’ attention to the importance of MIL for the Sustainable Development Goals and highlight what is required to sustain MIL development into the next 10 years and beyond.

Development actors around the globe today recognize the importance of empowering people with MIL to be more knowledgeable and critical about information and media content and able to purposefully use technology and ICT services. For UNESCO, the term MIL is an umbrella concept that covers an interrelated set of information, technological/digital, and media competencies. The COVID-19 crisis has given new emphasis to MIL in a context of increased reliance on digital communications and the flood of life-threatening disinformation and misinformation.

On 25 November 2019, one hundred and ninety-three countries unanimously proclaimed Global MIL Week as official at the 40th Session of the UNESCO General Conference. The number of celebratory events increased to over three hundred events in 2020.  The theme for Global MIL Week 2020 is Resisting Disinfodemic: Media and Information Literacy for Everyone and by Everyone.

Your input to this survey will help UNESCO and partners to accelerate MIL development by making recommendations based on evidence to governments of countries around the world, the United Nations and international development community family, private sector partners, and all stakeholders.

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