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Sustainability Science at the service of society

What is sustainability science? How can it help societies face the challenges ahead? These questions will be examined during a conference co-organized by UNESCO, the United Nations University (UNU) and Tokyo University’s Integrated Research System for Sustainability Science, at the Organization’s Headquarters on 19 September (Room IV).

Sustainability Science: Promoting Integration and Cooperation, is the name of the symposium, which will bring together representatives of UNU, Tokyo University, UNESCO alongside researchers and policy-makers. The purpose of the meeting will be to reflect on the potential of the recent field of research that is sustainability science, which aims to draw on knowledge generated by all types of scientific investigation to overcome the challenges facing the world.

The scope of sustainability science is not just to bring technical or scientific solutions to environmental issues, but also to tackle poverty and social exclusion. This approach takes into account ethical issues and our responsibility towards future generations.

The meeting aims to advance the standing of sustainability sciences on the international agenda ahead of the internationally agreed deadline for achieving the Millennium Development Goals (2015), and boost international cooperation so as to enhance interaction between science, policy–making and society.


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