SURVEY on How COVD-19 has Affected the Youth – Youth As Researchers Project


How are young people being impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic?

Help us shape the “Youth As Researchers – COVID19” Project, a new global youth-led research initiative that seeks to answer questions like this.

COVID-19 has created an unprecedented health crisis, disrupting the lives of thousands of individuals, as well as their societies. As this pandemic expands, young people have been amongst those mobilizing to shape new forms of solidarity, demonstrating humanism and creativity. Young people are amongst those impacted by the current crisis in terms of mental and physical health, learning and professional development, civic engagement and respect for their rights – on all these fronts young people are also facing important disruptions and changes.

UNESCO and the UNESCO Chairs at the National University of Ireland Galway and Penn State University are committed to ensuring that young people have meaningful ways to contribute to sustainable development - ways that are designed and managed by young people as our partners.

This “Youth as Researchers – COVID19” project echoes the African Union Office of the Youth Envoy’s COVID-19 Response Strategy which aims to amplify voices of youth, facilitate resources for youth to engage in the COVID-19 response, bring youth closer to the decision-making process, mobilize and unite youth for collective Pan-African action and strengthen exchange, collaboration and cross-border engagement among youth organizations in order to build youth solidarity, political consciousness, democratic participation and civic engagement.

Be part of the design!

We invite you to get involved in designing this research initiative by answering a Survey!  Your answers to the questions will be used to identify the key research questions that need to be answered and to design the research focus. The Survey asks about your experiences with COVID-19 and the things you have seen happening to your friends and other young people. The 20-question Survey is available in English.

Why Youth As Researchers?

This initiative trains and supports young people to do their own research and identify policy responses based on the evidence collected.

It is important that young people are involved in researching issues that affect us because we understand and experience these issues ourselves. Conducting research also gives us valuable research skills and experience in doing research. Anna Golden, Ireland, age 16

If you are interested in knowing more about the Youth As Researchers project or how to be involved in the next stage, please contact

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