South-South Cooperation for Empowering Communities in Implementing SDGs

17 - Partnerships for the Goals

“ Translating the SDGs into something that relates to the communities”

That is one of the key messages from the webinar Sustainable Insight #14 organized on 14 September 2020,  featuring  Engr. Cristeta Gallano, Managing Consultant, Davao River Initiatives, Davao City and Mr. Alain Michel Tchadie, Consultant with the Ministry of Tourism and Environment for the Republic of Congo. Moderated by Prof. Shahbaz Khan, director of UNESCO Office in Jakarta, Regional Science Bureau for Asia and the Pacific, the webinar discussed on the significance of making the communities aware that they are part of objective of the SDGs.  Policies developed at the higher level should be made relevant to the local level’s understanding and participation.

Concerning South-South Cooperation, Mr. Alain highlighted that the knowledge sharing between engineering institutions of African and Asian countries is much appreciated. The knowledge sharing has been prioritized by the African institutions and suggested to be continued, to provide benefits for countries from both continents.

Engr. Cristeta also highlighted on tools developed through the MUCP, which is the SETI for SDG Scorecard. The tools can be used to evaluate and prioritize projects, based on the targets of the SDGs. The scorecard can be used by institutions and individuals from all background. Mr. Alain further suggested that the tool can be customized for relevant purposes, besides concerning SDGs.

In his summary, Prof. Shahbaz mentioned that any projects and cooperation related to SDGs should have objectives that benefit the communities, to support such activities. The communities must understand why such activity has been implemented, how it benefits them and how they can contribute. The production of tools through any projects and activities is also crucial in order to escalate the positive effect of such cooperation. In addition, cooperation between regions should be promoted and implemented by suitable partners and institutions, in order to achieve the targets and objectives.

The SETI for SDGs Scorecard is also available at Google Playstore.

The recording of the webinar can be viewed here.