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Self-monitoring as performance tool in local radio stations

07 March 2016

Managers and technicians of local radio stations are in training since this morning on monitoring techniques and technologies. The training workshop is an initiative of the project "Empowering local radio with ICTs".

Since this morning (March 7, 2016), in Bujumbura, managers and local radio technicians are taking part in a training workshop on monitoring. This activity is part of the project "Empowering local radio with ICTs", fruit of a partnership between the Swedish government and UNESCO. The workshop aims at improving participants skills for better monitoring on:

  • Programs quality;
  • Use of ICT in various stages of editorial work;
  • Gender equality;
  • Reporting of matters of local public interest; and
  • Local network of correspondents.

The program of the workshop, which is led by Mr. Michel Kenmoe, project supervisor for Burundi, includes sessions on the importance of monitoring, its implementation and tools. There will be some hands-on exercises so participant (s) can gain understanding and basic skills on monitoring techniques.

The project "Empowering local radio with ICTs" has identified the lack of monitoring in local radio stations as one of their main weaknesses. At the preliminary evaluation this morning, it appears that only two radio stations, Radio Isanganiro and radio Ijwi ry'Umukenyezi, apply a monitoring mechanism of their program.

By encouraging local radio stations to apply self-monitoring techniques, UNESCO is engaged in an empowering process that, eventually, will allow them to better perform while having a better knowledge, based on reliable data, of their strengths and weaknesses.

Besides theoretical and practical knowledge on monitoring, the partakers will also learn how to use FrontlineSMS to interact with audience and collate monitoring data. Thus, each beneficiary radio station has received, from the project, a smartphone with Android OS.

According to Mr. Perry-Saxe Gateka, head of Humuriza FM and a participant at the workshop, monitoring will be a big plus because it allows each station to have better reading of its progress against project's objectives.

Officials at the openning ceremony of the workshop

The workshop's opening ceremony was chaired by Mr. Jerome Ndikuriyo, Director general of the communication at the Burundian Ministry of Communication, and Ms. Josephine Ntahobari, representative of the Head of UNESCO's House for a Culture of Peace.

The workshop, which continues tomorrow (March 8, 2016), was attended by 21 persons including 8 women.