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Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN) Newsletter highlights the UNESCO project, "Empowering rural women in the Jordan Valley"

May 2014

RSCN Newsletter presents RSCN research to identify plant species that are used for dyeing purposes in Ghor Al-Safi under the section “BioBits”. RSCN is implementing this research within the framework of the UNESCO project: “Empowering rural women in the Jordan Valley”. This project will serve to empower a group of rural women in the village of Ghor el Safi, in the Jordan Valley, enabling them to establish and sustain an income-generating activity by improving their skills to produce and promote handicrafts. The RSCN research will provide these women with new natural sources with which to dye their unique and beautiful handicrafts and enlarge and improve their colour palette.

RSCN Newsletter:

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