The role of civil society in financing Education 2030: Arab Region

03 May 2018

Many countries in the Arab Region suffer from protracted crises. Loss of lives, rights and livelihoods and millions of displaced people and significant numbers of children excluded from education (see data on UNESCO's Institute for Statistics). These crises also create great challenges for comminities in host countries. 

The Dubai Roadmap for Education 2030 is the outcome of the Arab Regional Meeting on SDG 4 - Education 2030 (ARMED II) held in March 2017.  It reaffirms the centrality of education in sustainable development.     

A conference titled “Financing Education 2030: Revisiting the Role of Civil Society” took place in Beirut Lebanon on 2-3 May 2018. Built as a learning event, the conference aimed to merge civil society efforts in the region and co-construct a regional strategy for securing sufficent financing for the achievement of SDG4. 

The conference was co-organized by the Arab Campaign for Education for All (ACEA) and among others, UNESCO.  

ACEA is the Civil Society Representative of the SDG-Education 2030 Steering Committee.  It is also a member of the UNESCO Collective Consultation of NGOs (CCNGO).