From Rio to Paris: Higher Education for Climate Change Action

16 October 2015

In advance of COP21, the Higher Education Sustainability Initiative (HESI) organized a conference “From Rio to Paris: Higher Education for Climate Change Action” on October 14 in Paris. This international event brought together HESI sponsors and signatories, as a follow-up to the United Nations Summit and in preparation for COP 21.

The main aims of this International conference was to:

  • Welcome new institutions to HESI 
  • Take stock of progress made since Rio+20 by sharing best practices and lessons learned
  • Discuss the roles and responsibilities of higher education institutions in business and technological innovations around climate change adaptation and mitigation
  • Encourage new or enhanced commitments by HESI members, particularly around the facilitation of academic and scientific inputs into the formulation of climate policies and enhancing the science-policy interface.
  • Compose and a set of messages and policy recommendations on higher education for sustainable development to be presented to the UNFCCC Secretariat at COP21

In preparing for the event, UN-DESA prepared a Progress report on the impact of Higher Education institutions in advancing sustainable development and climate change.