Revamped UNESCO Transparency Portal Launched

The fully redesigned UNESCO Transparency Portal has been launched ! This new version is a powerful step forward in developing an integrated budget framework, providing more complete information and simplifying navigation for easy access to the information. It will also facilitate the future implementation of the structured financing dialogue.

The new UNESCO Transparency Portal may be found here: .

“Transparency stands at the heart of the reform we are leading across the Organization,” said the Director-General. “This revamped Portal is a major contribution to UNESCO’s reform to perform initiative, and a concrete example of the steady progress made towards a more effective and innovative organization for the benefit of Member States.”

The first version of the Transparency Portal was launched in March 2015, focusing on compliance with the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) – a standard followed by around 500 organizations, including 17 UN funds, agencies and programmes. The revamped Transparency remains fully IATI-compliant and goes beyond IATI standards, providing enriched information on Focus Areas (Expected Results), improved project filtering and a fully redesigned world map by expenditure (rather than number of projects). The new version includes also more complete data and increased the frequency of publication (every 6 months as opposed to yearly). In addition, efforts have been made and are continuing to significantly increase the visibility of the Transparency Portal in various Search Engines.

“This is a demonstration of what we can achieve when we invest in reform and innovation tools, and I wish to pay tribute to the commitment and financial support of the Kingdom of Sweden which made this breakthrough possible. This spirit of investment and cooperation yields results, and we must continue in this direction.” said the Director General.

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