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Results of YouthMobile Central Asia Summer School 2016

04 July 2016


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On 4 July started YouthMobile Summer School on Mobile Applications Development aimed at achieving Sustainable Development Goals. Twenty participants from Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan participated in two ten day trainings in Bishkek (4 - 15 July) and Almaty (18 - 29 July).

I am delighted with the training. I received a lot of useful knowledge for improving, changing the work of journalists, human rights defenders. I will apply skills, gained during the training. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate.

Ms. Zhanna Baitelova.

UNESCO Office in Almaty in cooperation with "Kloop Media" Public Foundation and Shakhmardan Yessenov Science and Education Foundation organized the Summer School. The YouthMobile Training Course is designed to support and promote ICT and mobile programming education by building professional capacities of young women and men.

YouthMobile School 2015
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Participants of the training were the young people with great ideas of mobile applications that contribute the achievement of sustainable development goals. According to participants, these trainings were a very interesting and informative.

One of the interesting idea for development of mobile application was idea of the participants from Kyrgyzstan: Justice Camera, developed by Erlan Amanat and Ayzhamal Ryskulova. The application will help to improve traffic rules in Bishkek. App contributes to the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) #16.

Soz sende is also one of the interesting and useful mobile application on freedom of expression developed by Ms.Zhanna Baitellova, participant of Almaty training. The Mobile App contribute to a better realization of the professional activities of journalists. Contributes to SDG16.

Some other examples developed by participants:

  • NDRD – Android programming on Kyrgyz Language. SDG4.
  • Health Emergency Calls app. SDG3.
  • Zvonilka - group call management. Assistance app for NGOs and social workers on questionnaires and workshop participation. SDG9.
  • Autograph - an application that allow to get the services from one group of people to another. SDG8.

At the end of the trainings, the participants completed the questionnaire. They gave only positive feedback about the organization and conducting of trainings.

The Summer School contributes to employment of youth, as programming skills would enhance their ability to make informed choices and empower them to gain access labor markets, as well as support post UNESCO conference advocacy on Youth and Internet Fighting Radicalization and Extremism.

Young people today face pressing global challenges, including high levels of unemployment, vulnerable working conditions and marginalization from decision-making processes. In response to this problem 26 August 2016 the Social and Human Sciences Programme of the UNESCO Almaty Cluster Office is organizing the event on celebration of the International Youth Day on the theme: sustainable production and consumption. In this regard, the Communication and Information Programme invites to the event in Almaty young developers of the YouthMobile mobile applications to share presentations of their own products created within the framework of UNESCO sponsored three summer schools from 2015 to 2016.

Participants of the round table Realization of the right to work for people with disabilities in Kazakhstan
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On 23 November UNESCO Almaty participated in the round table: Realization of the right to work for people with disabilities in Kazakhstan.

The event was organized by Soros Foundation-Kazakhstan, attended by the UNESCO Office in Almaty, NGO, National Chamber of Entrepreneurs, the Union of Organizations of the Disabled, governmental and public organizations.

According to statistics in Kazakhstan it had registered 625000 persons with disabilities, 404000 from them represents the able-bodied population and only 8738 from them found employment (on 1 November 2015).

During the round table participants highlighted complex basic barriers facing the persons with disabilities in accessing the labour market:

  • Public attitude towards people with disabilities;
  • Infrastructure barriers;
  • Access to information.

UNESCO Office in Almaty presented the presentation: UNESCO Programme YouthMobile - opportunities of employment.

At the end of the Round Table participants formulated a set of recommendations. Necessary decide the problems, related to equal access to the labour market:

  • To conduct professional trainings, retraining personnel and professional development courses the demanded working specialities;
  • To provide optimal conditions for successful social development of people with disabilities;
  • Insufficient numbers of qualified professionals of sign language;
  • To elimination barriers for visually impaired persons;
  • To conduct information activities to overcome the negative stereotypes of the community against women and girls with disabilities and their employment.

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