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Research shows the way in the fight against sport corruption and match fixing


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On 15 May 2014, the Sorbonne University and the International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS), with the support of UNESCO and the Council of Europe, held a Sport Integrity Forum to present the Report “Protecting the Integrity of Sport Competition. The Last Bet for Modern Sport.” The report presents the results of their ground-breaking two-year research programme on the scope of sport corruption, sport betting and the related manipulation of sport competitions.

The Report analyses how sport is becoming the victim of unregulated on-line betting and the related increased risk of infiltration by organized crime and money laundering. It also includes a comprehensive set of recommendations for public authorities, the sport movement and the betting industry, as well as common guiding principles to be respected by all stakeholders.

According to Mr Laurent Vidal, Chair of the Sorbonne-ICSS Research Programme, “the Report reveals a startling scale of sport corruption and betting fraud. […] An international agreement on the manipulation of sport competition […] is now an urgent necessity”.

Mr Thierry Braillard, Secretary of State for Sports of France, highlighted that “the report presents an extremely complete panorama of the risks posed by sport betting for contemporary sport” and committed that France would be one of the first countries to ratify the  Convention on the Manipulation of Sport Competitions elaborated by the Council of Europe.

Mr Philippe Quéau, Assistant Director-General a.i. for Social and Human Sciences of UNESCO, commended Mr Vidal and his team for their remarkable work and stressed that “the protection of sport integrity is not just a matter of elite sport. It is a societal issue, closely linked to behaviors and attitudes […] especially of young people. The impact of our efforts will largely depend on awareness-raising amongst youth.”