Request for written proposal for a Senior Consultant in Marine Spatial Planning

Request to submit a written proposal for a work assignment with UNESCO – DEADLINE IS 31 JANUARY 2016.

UNESCO is inviting written proposals from Individual Consultants for the work assignment described below. To enable you to prepare a proposal for this assignment, please find below the following documents:

(a) Terms of Reference – click here to read;

Your written application should comprise:

(a) A Technical Proposal consisting of

  • an up to date curriculum vitae, and
  • an approach and methodology for the assignment, a workplan and comments on the Terms of Reference if any (in brief).

(b) The amount to be charged for the assignment, which should be quoted in US dollars.

Your proposal and any supporting documents must be in either English or French.

UNESCO places great emphasis on ensuring that the objectives of the work assignment, as described in the Terms of Reference, are met. Accordingly, in evaluating the proposals for the assignment, attention will focus first and foremost on the technical elements. From those proposals deemed suitable in terms of the criteria in the Terms of Reference, UNESCO shall select the proposal that offers the Organisation best value for money.

Your proposal should be submitted by e-mail no later than close of business (18:00) on 31 January 2016. E-mail proposals should not exceed 5MB.

The e-mail address is: j.barbiere(at)

It is the individual’s responsibility to ensure that his/her proposal is received by the deadline.

Thank you for your interest in this UNESCO assignment; and we look forward to receiving your proposal.