Request for a proposal: preparation of a audio-visual package


Contract Type:    Contract for Services (Development of audio-visual package)
Project Title:        Report on "Status of Women in Science - India" 
Validity:               15 October 2021 – 31 December 2021


UNESCO New Delhi cluster office, as part of its mandate to work on gender and Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) policy is preparing a report focusing on the ‘Status of Women in Science - India, which will examine barriers and challenges for women in science and provide a roadmap to promote and retain women in science education and related careers. 

With an in-depth analysis and highlighting best practices and recommendations, the report will aim to serve as a reference tool for evidence-based policymaking and cross-sectoral collaborations to encourage and involve aspirational girls and women in Science, Technology and Innovation (STI). The report is expected to be used by science policy practitioners, science administrators, research scholars, the private sector and donor agencies for planning future engagements to mainstream gender inclusion in the Indian STI ecosystem. 

The report will consist of six chapters, approximately 140 pages. It will include illustrations, graphics, graphs and charts, along with supporting texts. 

In this context, the UNESCO New Delhi Office is commissioning the preparation of a comprehensive video package along with photos to illustrate the report, which will be made available on all its platforms, free of charge, under the UNESCO’s Open Access policy. 

In coordination with the Science sector, the contractor shall: 

Seek and document footage related to the various themes/sections of the report. The footage locations are to be identified in consultation with the research team writing the report. 

Work closely with the publisher of the report to ensure that the photos submitted are in accordance with the proposed design and layout of the report. The photos will be used in the report in both print and online versions. 

Outputs and deliverables: 

In the context of UNESCO New Delhi’s Science Programme, under the authority of the UNESCO New Delhi Director and direct supervision of the Head and Programme Specialist in Science, the Contractor shall undertake the development of the audio-visual package, including photographs and videos, for the Publication titled: “Status of Women in Science - India”. 

Activity 1 - Photographs 

The photographs will depict different aspects of the report’s theme on Women in Science. The photos will be used both in print and online platforms. 

1. Produce a package of photos that illustrate one or more aspects of “Women in Science” under the various topics/themes covered in the report. The locations of photos are to be identified in consultation with the research team writing the report. 

2. The Contractor shall provide UNESCO New Delhi with 120 full HD version (30 per location) of the photos (both raw and processed), accompanied by a written permission from all people featured in the photos for their use in the report as well as on other platforms, such as the UNESCO New Delhi Office website, social media where they can be offered free of copyright. 

3. All photos should include a caption and description related to: 

a. Location (where): Name of the place/city, where the picture was made. 
b. Date (when): date when the photos were taken using the format YYYY-MM-DD. 
c. Description of the scene: What is occurring --the action –captured in the photo. 
d. People: Who is/are captured in the photos, with individual’s names and age being featured. In case more than 2 people are captured in the photo, the group shall be specified. 

4. The photo shall also include the credit to be used (likely format Credit: UNESCO/Name of the photographer). 

Activity 2 – Short Videos 

The videos will demonstrate various aspects of the theme of the report “Women in Science” in 4 different geographical locations in India (preferably in all 4 directions). More specifically, the contractor will:
2.1. Develop video scripts in consultation with the UNESCO Science (SC) Sector and Public Information (PI) Team 

2.2. Shoot and edit videos

2.3. Submit raw footage comprising of short videos and interviews (20 - 25 nos.) with different stakeholders

2.3. Submit the following:

  • 2-3 edited pieces (2 mins) from each of the locations
  •  Main video of 5 mins (highlighting the purpose and key findings of the report) with voice over and subtitles.
  •  6 capsules of under 1 minute (on the 6 different recommendations in the report)

2.4 Adhere to Timelines

  • Submit a first version of the video(s) for UNESCO’s comments and approval of the UNESCO New Delhi Director by 15 November 2021
  • Submit the final version of the video(s) incorporating all modifications requested by UNESCO by 20 December 2021 at the latest. 

2.5 Submit in addition: 

  •  3-4 edited pieces (1 min) vlogs (UNESCO staff, experts and partners) suitable for social media use. 

2.7 Provide rights for full usage the music and/or background score, if any used in the videos. 

2.8 Include subtitles in English, wherever required. 

2.9    Travel and Accommodation:

  • The responsibility of making stay and travel arrangement for your team to conduct photography and videography in different locations in India lies with the consultant. 
  • Finalize in consultation with UNESCO New Delhi,  in advance the list of locations selected in India;
  • For the above stay and travel arrangements, the quotation should include the amount, no separate payment will be made by UNESCO 

2.9. Additional points

  • The videographer will work closely with the UNESCO SC Sector and PI Team and seek their feedback at different stages of the production process.  
  • The contractor will provide an international version (version with music mix that will not include voice-over, subtitles, titles or any written text on the video).
  • The contractor will provide a copy of all the rushes produced under this contract.

The contractor will hand over all data to UNESCO New Delhi on a hard disk. In addition, he/she will keep all back up files of the data for a period of six months, from the start date of the contract. 

Provide separate quotes for Photography and Videography

Application Process 

Interested individuals/vendors shall prepare a proposal along with the cost associated with the above assignments and send it no later than 30 September 2021 to newdelhi@unesco.org. While submitting the proposal, please use the following subject header ‘Status of Women in Science - India"- (Development of videos and photos).