Request for a proposal: Editing, designing and printing UNESCO Report


Contract Type:    Contract for Services (Editing, designing, printing and developing a social Media Package)
Project Title:        Report on "Status of Women in Science - India"
Validity:               15 October 2021 – 31 December 2021


UNESCO New Delhi cluster office, as part of its mandate to work on gender and Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) policy is preparing a report focusing on the ‘"Status of Women in Science - India", which will examine barriers and challenges for women in science and provide a roadmap to promote and retain women in science education and related careers. 

With an in-depth analysis and highlighting best practices and recommendations, the report will aim to serve as a reference tool for evidence-based policymaking and cross-sectoral collaborations to encourage and involve aspirational girls and women in Science, Technology and Innovation (STI). The report is expected to be used by science policy practitioners, science administrators, research scholars, the private sector and donor agencies for planning future engagements to mainstream gender inclusion in the Indian STI ecosystem. 

The report will consist of six chapters, approximately 140 pages. It will include illustrations, graphics, graphs and charts, along with supporting texts. 

UNESCO is commissioning the editing, designing, proofing and printing of the Report and its Executive Summary as well as developing a Social Media package for its launch in March 2022.

The contractor shall:

Work closely with UNESCO New Delhi Science sector team and if need be, with the research team from Amrita University to understand the overall context of the report and the relevance of various sub-sections of the report to ensure that relevant photos/visuals are identified and submitted in accordance with the proposed design and layout of the report.

Outputs and deliverables

Within the context of UNESCO New Delhi’s Science Program, under the authority of the UNESCO New Delhi Director and direct supervision of the Head of Science, the Contractor shall undertake copy editing, designing, identification and procurement of photos, proofreading and printing for the Publication titled: "Status of Women in Science - India" and its Executive Summary and in particular:

Activity 1 - Copy Editing

1.1. Copy, edit the final document submitted by the author, to check for spelling, capitalization, punctuation, verb tenses and other grammatical errors.

1.2. Finalize the Report and submit the e-version to UNESCO for approval, latest by 30 November 2021.

Activity 2 – Research, Identification and Procurement of Photos

2.1 Understand the overall context of the report and the relevance of various sub-sections; based on this understanding, identify relevant image repositories/image banks (free as well as paid sources) through research.
2.2 Short list relevant photos portraying one or more aspects of Women in Science and in line with the various topics/themes covered by the report.
2.3 In addition in consultation with the UNESCO New Delhi Science team approach relevant partners to source some free of charge photos to go with the sub-themes of the report

Activity 3 - Designing

3.1 Submit 2-3 design options for the inside layout of the Report and Summary, in line with the existing cover page and UNESCO publishing guidelines.
3.2 Based on the design selected by UNESCO, work on the layout of the full Report and Summary.
3.3 Work on the artwork by making color/contrast correction of images.
3.4 Ensure enhancement of the visual appeal of the entire Report by including high quality of pictures, illustrations - infographics, boxes, and charts.
3.5 Create information hierarchy in the text, breaking of information into excerpts, blurbs, snippet boxes etc.
3.6 Based on the feedback from the UNESCO Team, fine-tune and complete the layout for the full Report (140 pages) and its Executive Summary (25 pages), and submit the e-version of the full report and executive summary latest by 10 December 2021.
3.7 The Designer will also liaise closely with the UNESCO’s Science Sector and DPI Team and incorporate feedback received at various stages, for completion of the layout and art works of the Report.

Activity 4 - Printing

4.1 Prepare a print ready file and print the Report along with its Executive Summary with following specifications:

Size A4
Color Four colour
Total pages 140 pgs + Cover (4pgs)
Paper 250 gsm imported art (cover)
120 gsm Revolution Extra white (inside)
Cover Spot or abrasive UV
Binding Perfect (Centre sewn)
Print run 500

Executive Summary
Size A4
Color Four colour
Total pages 10 pgs + Cover (4pgs)
Paper 300 gsm imported art (cover)
120 gsm Revolution Extra white (inside)
Cover Spot UV
Binding Centre stitch
Print run 500

4.2 Ensure provision for print-on-demand run for further requirement/s (bundles of 100 copies) at a cost effective price.
4.3 Print copies to be delivered to UNESCO Office, latest 25 December 2021.

Activity 5 – Submission of files

5.1 Submit Adobe InDesign open files, fonts, image and illustration links, and press-quality PDF.

Activity 6 - Launch of the Report

6.1 For high visibility create 2-3 conceptual themes for the launch of the report
6.2 Based on selection by UNESCO, finalize and adapt for a single master theme for following outputs:

6.2.1 Main visual – 1
6.2.2 Animated post in GIF format (over twitter + FB) - 4
6.2.3 Infographics - 8
6.2.4 Banner each for FB and Twitter - 2
6.2.5 Teaser GIF – 1

Handover all data to UNESCO New Delhi on a hard disk. In addition, keep all back up files of this data for a period of six months, from the start date of the contract.

Provide separate quotes for Designing and Editing, Procurement of Photos, Printing and Social Media Package)

Application Process

Interested individuals/vendors shall prepare a proposal along with the cost associated with the above assignments and send it no later than 30 September 2021 to newdelhi@unesco.org. While submitting your proposal, please use the following subject header ‘‘Status of Women in Science - India"- – Designing and Printing’.