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Renisla 2014 Forum will demonstrate that 100% renewable energy is possible

The Renisla 2014 Forum will take place on the island of El Hierro Biosphere Reserve (Spain) on 25–26 June 2014, under the slogan ‘100% renewable energy: a possible future’. The meeting will bring together global experts to exchange knowledge, technology and experiences from different sites moving towards energy self-sufficiency based on renewables.

UNESCO sites are real examples of places where 100% renewable solutions have been developed with the participation of local communities. Illustrative examples include the biosphere reserves of El Hierro, Jeju, the Galapagos Islands, Grosses Walsertal, Pellworm, Altaisky and the Lakshadweep Islands, and new initiatives at World Heritage sites such as Edinburgh and Aldabra Atoll.

The Renisla 2014 Forum will discuss key issues including energy self-consumption and green building, sustainable electric mobility, renewable water strategies and cooperation opportunities with Africa. The UNESCO Renforus initiative, which to promote sustainable energy in UNESCO Biosphere Reserves and World Heritage sites, will also be presented.