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Reminder - Call for papers: International Conference "Karst Without Boundaries" (Deadline for submission: 1 February 2014)

Share your knowledge and experience by participating to ‘Karst Without Boundaries’. The International Conference and Field Seminar will take place from 11 to 15 June 2014 in Trebinje (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Dubrovnik (Croatia). The event is organized in the framework of the on-going GEF DIKTAS project. The project is set up to improve understanding of transboundary groundwater resources of the Dinaric Karst region and to facilitate their equitable and sustainable utilization, including the protection of unique karst groundwater dependent ecosystems.

The purpose of the conference is to enhance cooperation between international karst scientists, engineers and DIKTAS stakeholders, and to provide opportunity for exchange of experiences and ideas relevant for karst aquifers throughout the world.

The conference will highlight DIKTAS achievements at national and regional level and invite representatives of national authorities, academics, engineers, consultants and others to actively engage in the project activities and contribute to achieving its goals. Additionally, the conference aims to raise awareness on the vulnerability of karst aquifers and to discuss groundwater protection and related socio-economic and environmental implications.

The conference will include the following topics: Aquifer characterization and monitoring; Aquifer management and legal framework; Water resources engineering; Groundwater sustainable use, protection and remediation; and, Awareness, education and outreach.

Researchers from all disciplines related to karst water science and management, water resources engineering, groundwater protection and remediation as well as education and outreach are welcome. Whether a karst specialist or simply interested in the subject, one can contribute to the dialogue of how karst aquifers can be better understood, protected and sustainably managed. Stakeholders and policy makers from governmental authorities, national and international institutions, NGOs and research institutes interested in understanding karst groundwater systems and the steps that need to be taken to protect and manage them are also welcome.

The conference is sponsored by DIKTAS partners, with special support of UNESCO, the IAH Karst Commission and the IGRAC center. The regional co-organizers are the Hydropower System Trebisnjica (HET), Trebinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the University of Belgrade, Serbia.