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Registrations are open for the Memory of the World Programme of Brazil 2013

UNESCO Memory of the World Programme of Brazil (MOW Brasil) opens registrations for inscriptions of Brazilian documentary collections until 21 September 2013.

Public and private institutions, as well as individuals who are owners of documentary collections of exceptional value for the Brazilian memory can participate in MOW Brasil. The ones interested in participating in the Programme can send the archival or bibliographical documents and texts, or audio-visual, iconographic or cartographic materials. 

The objective of submitting proposals is the nomination to the Memory of World Register of Brasil 2013. Up to ten (10) archival or bibliographic documents or documentary sets under custody in national territory and with relevance to the collective memory of the Brazilian society will be selected to be inscribed in the Memory of the World Register of Brazil in 2013.

The Programme

The Memory of the World Programme recognizes the documentary heritage of international, regional or national significance. It preserves its registrations and give them a logo so they can be identified. The Programme facilitates the preservation and access to the documentary heritage without discrimination. It works to raise awareness about the relevance of documentary heritage in order to alert governments, general public and industrial and commercial sectors of the need to preserve and to raise funds for its functioning.


The submission proposals can be sent in printed or electronic format to the address below until 21 September 2013 (with Aviso de Recebimento – AR).

Comitê Nacional do Brasil do Programa Memória do Mundo da UNESCO – MOW Brasil – Candidatura à Nominação no Registro Memória do Mundo do Brasil – 2013
Arquivo Nacional
Divisão de Protocolo e Arquivo
Praça da República, 173 – Centro
Rio de Janeiro – RJ

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