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Receive a certificate in Design for Sustainability, and become a practitioner of regenerative development

23 June 2017


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The Gaia Education ‘Design for Sustainability’ programme offers participants a whole-systems design understanding of sustainable communities. The GEDS curriculum expands on the academic orthodoxy that sees sustainability as a ‘three legged stool’ by adding the critical fourth dimension of ‘worldview and value system’. This approach has since been more widely adopted and is now often called the ‘cultural dimension’ by UN agencies and national governments.

The course provides you with the knowledge and confidence to take an active role in designing for sustainability, both professionally and personally, for small and large scale community projects.

Join our online programme 'Design for Sustainability' and create local changes that will create global ripples. If you register before 21st August - you can enjoy our early bird 20% discount and start right away with the bonus introductory course.

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