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Re-launch of Community Media Network of Uganda

The Community Media Network of Uganda (COMNETU) will be strengthened in cooperation with the Uganda Media Women’s Association (UMWA) and Uganda Development Services (UDS) on 12 April 2013 in Kampala, Uganda. A one-day event to re-launch the activities of the Network will bring together managers and staff from community media houses, broadcasting media, line ministries and civil society organizations operating in the Ugandan media landscape.

The re-launch event aims at bringing the attention of national stakeholders (Uganda Communications Commission, line ministries and civil society) to the active role of community practitioners, and in particular radio broadcasters, in Uganda, according to the Uganda Broadcasting Policy and Electronic Broadcasting Law. It also aims to highlight the role of community media in enhancing social development, advocating for the promotion of community media as a platform for social change and introducing the objectives of COMNETU to its stakeholders in Uganda.

This launch comes as a follow up to a Country Level Round Table on Communication for Development (C4D), which was organized by the Makerere University Department for Journalism and Communication with the support of UNESCO in April 2011 in Kampala, Uganda. The discussions at Makerere highlighted that community radios lacked an organization that could unite the radio stations to promote their interests in advocacy, capacity building and lobbying.

The re-launch of COMNETU will help promote community media’s role to serve the developmental needs of communities in Uganda by providing access to relevant information, education and entertainment to impart positive social change. The community radios that will participate in the launch include: Kagadi Kibale Community Radio (KKCR), Buwama FM, Nabweru Tiger FM, Nakaseke CMC FM, Radio Apac FM, Uganda Media Women’s Association (UMWA), Mama FM, Oyam FM, Ngora CMC FM and Uganda Development Services.