".radio" domain registration launch phase to end 31 October

23 October 2017

Radio broadcasters, associated networks and radio amateurs are invited to join the primary launch phase for “.radio” domain registrations, which ends on October 31, 2017. This new top-level domain (TLD) has been developed to allow fair and equitable access for radio-related organisations worldwide, managed by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU).

UNESCO has been working actively to enhance the diversity and inclusiveness of community radio stations in particular, and radio in general. The ".radio" domain allows members to exchange and share knowledge, promoting diversity of voices and views and improving access to information. The EBU will support initiatives within the .radio internet space, which are intended to benefit the whole radio community. Thematic platforms could be planned to bring together all who are passionate about jazz or classical music, for example, or those passionate about amateur radio or talk radio.

As radio reaches the widest audience worldwide of any medium, the benefits of community radio are many, from its community ownership and focus on issues of local concern, to its not-for-profit nature. Community radio speaks in the language of locals, often ignored by the mainstream media, and shares vital information with hard-to-reach audiences.

Similarly, in sharp contrast with other commercially driven TLDs, ".radio" is focused on content and led by the radio community. It caters specifically to the world of radio, with an emphasis on broadcast and web radios but also radio amateurs. The aim is to prevent speculators from cybersquatting on “.radio” domains; this extension will therefore rapidly become a high-value internet space for websites, mail systems and other internet applications related to radio.

From the beginning, the process was designed to be "fair and transparent" – to request a “.radio” domain, interested parties can either visit the special registration website, managed by EBU, or contact a registrar (a company selling internet domains) provided it has signed an agreement to sell .radio domains. At any time, an owner of a domain can transfer it from one registrar to another. A “.radio” domain is priced at 220€ per year for broadcasters and related organisations. Organisations based in Least Developed Countries receive an additional year’s registration at no extra cost.

Come November, general availability will start on a "first come first served" basis, though still with oversight provided to ensure a level of fairness. The initial primary launch phase provides radio stations and related organizations a special priority in reserving domains relevant to their operations.

The EBU and its partners have been preparing the launch of .radio for the past years. The project has the full support of leading radio organizations in the world including the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU), Syndicat des radios et TV indépendantes (SIRTI), Association for International Broadcasting (AIB), World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC), Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU), African Union of broadcasters (AUB), Caribbean Broadcasting Union (CBU), European Association of Television and Radio Sales House (EGTA), International Association of Broadcasting (IAB), North American Broadcasters Association (NABA), Organización de Telecomunicaciones Iberoamericanas (OTI) and the International Radio and Television Union (URTI). This high level of support speaks volumes about the potential the project holds to bring together the world radio community with its diverse opinions and voices onto one accessible platform.

To visit the registration page for “.radio” domains, click here: https://register.radio

For all general information, visit https://nic.radio