Principles for Artificial Intelligence: Towards a Humanistic Approach? Join the UNESCO Global Event on 4 March

, France

International experts agree: Humanity is on the threshold of a new era. Rapid advancements in artificial intelligence – as well as other evolving technologies such as robotics, big data analytics, and the Internet of Things – are changing the way we learn, work and live together. This transformation has already begun to affect all aspects of our lives, raising the question: are we prepared? 

In order to encourage dialogue on the development of a human-centred artificial intelligence, UNESCO is organizing a high-level conference entitled “Principles for Artificial Intelligence: Towards a Humanistic Approach?” on 4 March 2019, at its Headquarters in Paris. The conference will facilitate dialogue between leaders in AI from around the world and promote ways to ensure human-centred design of AI principles and frameworks rooted in international cooperation.

As a global laboratory of ideas, standard setter, policy advisor and capacity builder, UNESCO will play a leading role in facilitating international cooperation and influencing future transformations of our societies due to AI. UNESCO’s mandate calls inherently for a human-centred approach to AI – to shift the conversation to include AI’s impact on internationally agreed universal values, norms, and standards; to incorporate its role in addressing unequal access to knowledge, research and the diversity of cultural expressions; and to ensure AI does not widen the technological divides within and between countries. The promise of “AI for all” must ensure that everyone can take advantage of the technological revolution under way and access the innovation and knowledge generated.

The global high-level conference “Principles for Artificial Intelligence: Towards a Humanistic Approach?” will take place on 4 March 2019 at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris. Building on its record of multi-stakeholder consultation and consensus building, UNESCO will bring together stakeholders from the public and private sector, technical community, media and academia, civil society and international organizations. The conference will facilitate dialogue between stakeholder groups on the potential benefits and challenges of AI and its applications. 

The high-level conference will also launch Mobile Learning Week, the United Nations’ flagship conference on new technologies in education, to be held at UNESCO Headquarters from 5-8 March around the theme of “Artificial Intelligence for Sustainable Development.”

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