Podcast: Reviving the Spirit of Mosul


With an estimated 90% of the Old City of Mosul (Iraq) in ruins, and with sites such as Nimrud, the Museum of Mosul and the Al Hadba Minaret reduced to rubble, can Mosul’s centuries-old history and spirit of intercultural harmony be revived? That is the goal of UNESCO’s ambitious new initiative to “ Revive the Spirit of Mosul ”, the largest reconstruction effort undertaken by the Organization in recent years. The city of Mosul and the challenges of rehabilitating its cultural institutions are also the subject of the latest episode of Culture Speaks , UNESCO’s culture-focused podcast series, which is now available on iTunes.

Featuring interviews with Louise Haxthausen, Director of UNESCO Office for Iraq, and Lazare Eloundou Assomo, Deputy-Director of the World Heritage Centre, this podcast offers a firsthand account of the scale of the destruction in Mosul, underscoring the immense importance of reconstructing Mosul’s cultural sites for the people of Iraq. You can listen to this thought-provoking discussion on iTunes .

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